Keeping Log Homes from Insects and Mold

Before the construction of a log home, there are certain measures that should be taken to avoid bugs, fungus, mold, and termite issues. Insects will eat logs, lay eggs to multiply while mold grows to depend on moisture level. This is a huge risk to any log cabin as it gets destroyed with time. 

The Foundation should be Kept Dry

Although log manufacturers ensure that the logs are dry, it’s possible for a foundation to be damp. In such scenarios, pests such as termites start to come up. Mold also finds its way and when these two are combined, a homeowner should expect extensive damage. Insecticides can help keep the insects at bay but it’s better to work with a professional pest control or landscaper to help prevent this.

Prevent Moisture

Moisture is dangerous to your log home. It attracts mold and termites. Although treating the wood helps with this, it’s a good idea to protect the walls and foundation. If there are shrubs near the log home or wet areas, find a way that you will prevent it from affecting the wood. If the home does not have gutters, install them so that rainwater is carried away from the house.

Clean the Walls Regularly

Mold and mildew just want somewhere there is moisture and warmth. If the logs get a thin film on them, this creates a conducive environment for their growth. Such films form when dirt, grease, dust, and debris accumulate on the logs. This can be prevented by cleaning or removing dirt from the walls. 

Keep the Surroundings clean

The surroundings of the wood home should be kept clean. You will find a homeowner stacking firewood behind the house. Insects want to grow in such areas and before you know to eat, they are already eating the house away. For this reason, avoid stacking piles of wood or firewood near the house.

Moisture level near the log home will be high when there is stagnant water nearby especially when it floods. Getaway to draw the water away from the home. From keeping the surroundings clean, cleaning the walls to preventing moisture, it’s important to take the necessary measures to protect the logs. The problem with insects damaging the logs is that it can be noticed when it’s already too late.