Add Luxury to Your Log Home (Even When on a Budget)

Luxury comes at a cost but did you know that you can still add luxury to your log home on a budget? Well, this is true and all you need is proper planning.

You can build your ultimate log home and take advantage of luxurious amenities such as bathtubs, kitchen cabinets, aircon and furniture among other things that make a home truly awesome.

What Are the Things that Make a Home Luxurious?

Once you have built a log home, it is time to furnish it. It is time to live in luxury. But this is not easy when you do not have the money. The amenities, the finishing, lighting, and furniture are some of the things that define luxury in a home.

Install Reverse Cycle Aircon

While many may argue that Log Homes do not need air conditioners, I argue why not?!

Reverse cycle air conditioners provider ultimate comfort all year round. And even if you are on a budget there are always deals happening. Do some research in your area.

All you have to do is find the best air con installers in your area and watch out for their specials. Then next time you are at your log cabin and you feel too lazy to light the fire, you can just switch on the air con!

Get Customized Built-Ins

You have seen classy shelves, kitchen cabinets, and storage on the internet but they were quite expensive for your budget. You can have the same at a more affordable cost if they are built on-site. Just ensure that you communicate with the contractor that you want all this customized on-site. By having them designed according to your tastes, achieving a high-end look will not be hard.

Install a Fireplace

You can install an affordable fireplace that looks authentic in your log house. Actually, there are those that you can install all by yourself means you will not have to pay a stonemason. Besides using manufactured or veneer stones to surround the fireplace, you can also minimize its size to reduce the budget. There are plenty of options in the market to make your fireplace outstanding and cozy even on a budget.

Get a Glamorous Bathtub

Quality bathtubs are expensive but you can get an affordable one if you do proper research. At times you will find manufacturers or shops offering discounts on bathroom items such as tubs. A freestanding bathtub will go very well with any space and you can get one with plenty of capacity. Take your time to find the most impressive quality tub at a more affordable cost.

When you are on a budget but you still want a luxurious log home, all you need is to know what you want and conduct your own research. You may have done a research and saw a log home that you wished you could have but there is no money to have such. It’s easy for the ideas to be replicated. Work with a knowledgeable and reputable contractor to achieve that.