Good Maintenance of a Wooden House

Some of the wooden house issues are unique and must be handled differently from those of concrete and stone houses. When wood is well taken care of, it can serve you for a long time to come. Besides regular inspection, there are other ways that you can offer the best care.

The House should Be Built Properly

One important thing to do when building the house is ensuring that it is done correctly. The home is built as per the instructions given and materials are used properly. When this is done, common issues will be avoided. It’s important to consider how such houses survived centuries ago without the modern treatments. There were no wood treatments but the homes lasted for decades.

  • Cleaning the Wood

The wood will have dark patches made of mildew or mold. In most cases, this happens after the rains and it should be taken care of as soon as possible. The best solution is a mixture of water and bleach then you scrub the wood in circular motions with a soft brush. It should be given at least two days to dry out.

  • Give Your Home Life

When there is life in a wooden house, fungus development will be reduced same as moisture levels. If it’s in the winter season, it should be warmed at least once a week. Its condition will not be left to rot.

  • Caulking

It’s common for wood to swell, crack and check. This will deteriorate its condition and in no time, you will be dealing with bigger issues. This is not something that should give you a headache in the beginning since its normal. The best way to handle this issue is to fill up he cracks and checks before caulking. This will prevent expansion of checks while keeping out water, debris and bugs off.

  • Replace Damaged Siding

Damaged sidings should be replaced as soon as they are discovered. You need to hire a siding contractor or a professional to do this since one simple mistake could damage the surrounding sidings.

  • Wood Treatment

Wood treatment helps in preventing the wood against natural calamities such as rain and UV rays. This is actually the same method that is used in electric poles. There are various ways that wood can be protected such as using linseed oil and water-borne preservatives among others.

The main secret in ensuring that a wooden house serves you for a long time to come is making sure it is built properly. Even with the best maintenance, if it’s constructed poorly, you will have wood issues.